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Image: Imre Solt [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
TRANSIT (Towards a Robust Airport Decision Support System for Intelligent Taxiing) is a four site project between Queen Mary University of London (previously Lincoln), SheffieldStirling and Cranfield Universities, funded by the UK EPSRC (grant numbers EP/N029496/1, EP/N029356/1 and EP/N029577/1). The lead at each site is, respectively, Dr Jun Chen, Prof Mahdi Mahfouf, Dr John Woodward and Dr Mudassir Lone, with Dr Chen as the overall project director. The project also has an extensive list of industrial partners, which currently includes Air France – KLM, BAE Systems, Manchester Airport Plc, Rolls-Royce Plc, Simio LLC and Zurich Airport.

The TRANSIT project aims to develop a unified routing and scheduling system which will be more realistic, robust, cost-effective and configurable, producing better conformance of flight crew in response to 4 Dimensional Trajectories.

qmul University of Sheffield University of Stirling Cranfield University University of Lincoln
Air France-KLM  BAE SYSTEMS Manchester Airport
Rolls-Royce  Simio Zurich Airport



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  1. Integration of gate allocation is definitely something we are mindful of but is outside of the scope of the current TRANSIT project as the integrated optimisation problem is an order of magnitude more difficult; particularly as, in practice, there will always be uncertainty in landing times, ready for pushback times etc.

  2. Is it possible to include scheduling of the gates, because the Ultimate target for SESAR is to have aircraft achieve every point on the planned gate to gate routing by no more than + or – 2 minutes. This means that the traditional approach to push back times will have to change. Assume landing on time this means no delays in taxiing(your current project), Pax and freight off as fast as possibly, No delays due to cleaners, No delays in refuelling, tug to push at gate on time, Hold loaded and checked once only (i.e. no off loading of bags or weighting for “special” high value freight (e.g. Amsterdam flights) Pax and Food loaded, seated and checked in time for planned push, etc

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